F1 Hungary Ferrari fight back!

August 1, 2017

Vito & Fabio, talk about the F1 race in Hungary where Ferrari had to win, They cover a lot of topics, Halo, the drivers are getting a little nasty with each other, and how do you drive a car with a crooked steering wheel? its not that hard ask Vito he does it everyday.


F1 in Silver Stone, Ferrari brought a window,

July 18, 2017

Vito & Fabio F1 Report with guest, Simos Funky of the UK, talk about the Silver Stone race, Vito was not happy and needs to see a doctor, Fabio explained things will get better for Ferrari.


Silver Stone F1, I need 7 men to steel a Mec engine!

July 13, 2017

Vito and Fabio talk about the boring Austrian Grand Prix, What will happen at Silver stone? will Hamiltion come out fighting, and win? Vito has come up with a perfect plain for Maclaren. He just needs 7 men or 6 men and a large women with thick calves. Message me if your in,



The Gloves are off! Vettel vs Hamilton round 8

June 27, 2017

T.W.C.C.P with Vito & Fabio special guest form the UK Simon Funk ( I said Funk!) we talk about the chose that ensued at round 8 that took place at the Azerbaijan circuit. It was bumper cars! Did Hamilton play head games with Vettel knowing the German has a bad temper? slowing down on purpose? There was a lot to cover, so come in get a Red bull. Oh They won! So much to cover. And feel free to leave a comment, The show is brought to you by Amazing Time and Art check them out on FB,


Candain F1 review, What the hell happen?

June 13, 2017

Vito and Fabio talk about the Canadian F1, How the teams did? Vettel drove like a 4 time champion, Great news about Robert Kubica and will Nico Rosberg drive for Ferrari next year? Vito has a plain that will make sure Mec will never win another race, It what bad? Nope! What you think? We like to thank all the beautiful girls that submitted pics, you can find then on twitter, I'm stating a go fund me, I need 80 million please.



Kimi Raikkonen get F@&ked in Monaco?

May 30, 2017

Vito and Fabio go over the Monaco F1, Was it a conspiracy? Are people making to much about nothing? We also say goodbye Nicky Hayden "the Kentucky kid" and so much more.


Spanish F1, Kimi showing he’s warm blooded

May 15, 2017

Vito and Fabio talk about the Spanish Spanish grand Prix 2017, Vito can't understand how Hamilton won the race, Fabio explains how it was done, Kimi still gets no breaks, but he shows a young fan, The Ice man is warm blooded, would you allow Fernando Alonso to race in the Indianapolis 500? and so much more,


Formula One Russian 2017 is a new Ice man?

May 1, 2017

TWCCP talk with Fabio Andreozzi about the Russian Grand Prix 2017 What Happen? Is there a new ice man in town? Fabio (Italy) & Vito ( Canada) take about this year in F1. The Head games, The battles, Mercedes finely have something to be worried about, Are Ferrari really back, And Kimi does some standup comedy in the car, Who will be world Champion 2017? And we all miss the great Ayrton Senna.


Simon Fridge Lawrence talks with TWWCP

March 29, 2017

Vito from T.W.C.C.P interviews Simon Fridge Lawrence Co-Owner/Professional Wrestler at Al Snow Wrestling Academy.Former WWE legend & current TNA star Al Snow has teamed up with Simon WJ Lawrence & opened the biggest academy in Europe. Now in partnership with Impact. He looks mean but in real life he is really really mean!!!! He is not all mussel but a very smart business man too.


Ali Cook having a laugh

March 10, 2017

Ali Cook talks with comedian Vito D'Amico, they both share a good laugh. Ali is an English magician and actor, Cook is known best for writing and starring in seven British television magic shows for Channel 4, Channel 5, and Sky1, Cook is a headliner on the British stand up comedy circuit. His 2011 show "Principles and Deceptions" was nominated for Broadway Baby's six-star award. Great guy!