Al Snow, interview on TWCCP


WWE WCW ECW Al Snow " The Plow Man" The living legends, talks with Vito D'Amico, In this interview people will see a side of Mr Snow. That may surprise you, He is so positive with the way he looks at anything and everything, He tells it like it is, Al Snow also has sevral popular wresting schools.


Evan Ginzberg is a sh&% hole!


Vito talks with guest Robert Comeau about his dealings with Evan Ginzberg the manchild loser. This show talks about how Ginzberg runs is among those who run away like a little kid when you show them for the fools that they really are. This all started on a FB post that Ginzberg made. His mistake was that he thought everyone was going to agree with him. Never be sheep people, be a wolf. It's more fun.


The Wrestler and new doc “350 days”


New movie comeing 350 days about the life as a wrestler, Back in the good old days of territoies,


Seka platinum princess round 2


 Vito D'Amico interviews Porn legend Seka agian! Sorry for the sound, Vito was fighting with a cold. Still hope you like it,

Keaton Jones, Bullied by kids and now Adults


Vito D'Amico of TWCCP talks with his guest & friend Steve McRae host and Founder of the Great Debate Community, Vito talks about the disgraceful behavior from "adults" its makes you really question humanity. Steve understands Vito's frustration and talks to him about the sad situation for the kid, First he was bullied by kids, and now Adults.


The Hilarious House Of Frightenstein interview!


Vito interviews the one and only Mitch Markowitz creator of The Hilarious House of Frightenstein The longest running pseudo horror kids' TV show on earth syndicated across Canada, the U.S. and abroad. Mitch tells Vito some wonderful stories, And Vito got to make Mitch laugh. Good deal!


Vagabond Saints!


Vito talks to Jim Watts about his really amazing store. Its in Hamilton at 461 King Street E, If you are looking for something different, fun, One of a kind, please have a look at Vagabonds. You will not be disappointed,


Stick To The Story!


I interview a very talented artist, Dave and Victoria Bennison. Dave is famous for making art for celebrities. Wooden staffs, to wizard's wands, authentic arrowheads, too Viking compass, He also has a brand new book out.


it’s a wrap! 2017 F1 in review


We talk about how the year went, and a little of what to expect for next year, Alfa Romeo are back in F1 let's hope they do well, And we cover so much more, Thank you for all the support, until next year, stay safe, and I will still be doing interviews, and covering different topics.


Brazilian GP Vettel takes it away from Bottas!


Vito's voice is getting better and had something he had to say. With co host Fabio and Simos they talk about the Brazilian GP. Was is boring? Yes! but there was a lot to talk about. What happened to Red-bull? Fabio paints a theory of what mite have happened. Will Renault be the car to beat next year? Was this Ferrari's best and only chance to win a championship? Will it just be the same old story? We cover so many topics.


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