Simon Fridge Lawrence talks with TWWCP

March 29, 2017

Vito from T.W.C.C.P interviews Simon Fridge Lawrence Co-Owner/Professional Wrestler at Al Snow Wrestling Academy.Former WWE legend & current TNA star Al Snow has teamed up with Simon WJ Lawrence & opened the biggest academy in Europe. Now in partnership with Impact. He looks mean but in real life he is really really mean!!!! He is not all mussel but a very smart business man too.


Ali Cook having a laugh

March 10, 2017

Ali Cook talks with comedian Vito D'Amico, they both share a good laugh. Ali is an English magician and actor, Cook is known best for writing and starring in seven British television magic shows for Channel 4, Channel 5, and Sky1, Cook is a headliner on the British stand up comedy circuit. His 2011 show "Principles and Deceptions" was nominated for Broadway Baby's six-star award. Great guy!


David Smalley interview on TWCCP

February 8, 2017

David Smalley speaks to Vito D'Amico of T.W.C.C.P. Its a wonderful conversation about God, religion, David Smalley has combined his love for entertainment and media with his passion for skepticism, truth, and equality, by founding Secular Media Group, LLC, and hosting Dogma Debate Radio to educate the public with humor and unique discussions. He has appeared on The Adam Carolla Show, CNN, FOX, NewsMaxTV, and many radio shows and podcasts, encouraging humanism and extending peaceful and respectful challenges to dogmatic claims. Its a fun talk come in and pull up a chair.


Dealling with sh%t Heads

January 30, 2017

Vito D'Amico talks with Gavin Stephens of his disdain of dealing with idiots, & club owners,


Is Black lives Matter Racist?

January 25, 2017

Patrick Colliano speaks to Vito D'Amico of T.W.C.C.P. Topics: women's march, Madonna, Ashley Judd, is Black lives matter racist? and so much more.


Nikki Vicious

January 21, 2017

Nikki talks to the very silly Vito D'Amico of T.W.C.C.P. it's a fun interview, the sound was bad, but what can you do?


Ronda Rousey white privilege?

January 15, 2017

On T.W.C.C.P Vito D'Amico talks to Owner/President of Black belt Academy, MMA trainer Jason "The Hulk" Figliano. He has trained some top fighters, Vito ask are people to negative with Rousey? How do you come back form a loss? Will there ever be another MMA company? Is Dana White too powerful? and so many other questions.


Rock in Roll story’s part 2

January 9, 2017

Vito of T.W.C.C.P speaks to Rock Journalist Mitch Lafon. Mitch tells wonderful stories about the wild and crazy world of Rock in Roll over the many years he as worked and covered. From Motorhead to incompetent festivals, so much more it's a fun talk, let the good times roll.



The Last King!

January 2, 2017

Vito interviews Steve Nijjar, The man who made a fantastic movie. The precious Kohinoor diamond belongs the last king of Punjab, the Maharaja Ranjit Singh. The fabled Kohinoor diamond is a symbol of Sikh strength and pride. This diamond was stolen by the British 150 years ago and was brought back to England where it was recut and set in Queen Victoria's crown as a mark of the British domination in India. Now the descendent Colonel Ranjit Singh (Steve Nijjar) wants it back.



The Fabulous Kenny Robinson

December 20, 2016

Vito Interviews Kenny Robinson a living legend on the Comedy scene. He is political, Observational, Sexual, and never holds back on any topic. He always speaks his mind, and that is why we love him, Its a candid and fun interview with a comic genius, that Vito admires greatly.