Stick To The Story!


I interview a very talented artist, Dave and Victoria Bennison. Dave is famous for making art for celebrities. Wooden staffs, to wizard's wands, authentic arrowheads, too Viking compass, He also has a brand new book out.


it’s a wrap! 2017 F1 in review


We talk about how the year went, and a little of what to expect for next year, Alfa Romeo are back in F1 let's hope they do well, And we cover so much more, Thank you for all the support, until next year, stay safe, and I will still be doing interviews, and covering different topics.


Brazilian GP Vettel takes it away from Bottas!


Vito's voice is getting better and had something he had to say. With co host Fabio and Simos they talk about the Brazilian GP. Was is boring? Yes! but there was a lot to talk about. What happened to Red-bull? Fabio paints a theory of what mite have happened. Will Renault be the car to beat next year? Was this Ferrari's best and only chance to win a championship? Will it just be the same old story? We cover so many topics.


Mexican gp, 2017 can anyone stop Mec? All changes saved.


F1 Round 18 TWCCP with Vito, Fabio and Simos, talk about the crazy race that took place in Mexico, They cover a lot of hot topics, Can anyone stop Mec next year? Ferrari? Red Bull? will Renault be the dark horse? Sauber? Just kidding about Sauber, if you know please let use know your thoughts and sub,


F1 and its fans can be so cruel, round 17 US GP!


In this show Vito ( who can not speak very well) which a lot of people are must be very happy about that, So Fabio had to take over, Guest Jim, Who is an ass clown, They talk about the US GP. What happen with Max? was it right? Kimi looked like he could careless, And much more, or as Vito would say, Mush moo,


F1 Round 16 and It’s all over! Who is to blame?


4 petrol heads talk about what happen? Who is to blame for Ferrari's who have failed horribly in the last 3 races. Bad Luck? How can they make the races better for the fan's. Its a hard question to answer. What we can all agree on is we the fans want competition, not a cake walk.


Is Hamilton in trouble?


On T.W.C.C.P Vito, Fabio, Simos, talk about the Malaysian GP Max Verstappen wins, and is Hamilton playing it safe or in trouble? Vettel gets driver of the day but a very odd ending to the race, 80 million can buy you a seat but not a brain, disagree, then your and idiot watch the video from Romain Grosjean car, And we cover so much more. Like us on FB


Mad Max Verstappen cause the accident? Part 2


We had to do another show, The co host, Fabio just got back from his vacation, So this is Part two of T.W.C.C.P, with Canadian Vito D'Amico, From the UK Simos Funk, and from Italy co host Fabio Andreozzi. Let debate over what transpired at the Singapore GP.


Mad Max Verstappen cause the accident?


TWCCP with Vito D'Amico & guest host Mister Funk get in to a heated debate over what transpired in Singapore GP.


Recap F1 Monza 2017, Ferrari was heartbreaking watch


This week on T.W.C.C.P Vito & Fabio talk about Monza, Why was the gape so big? How can in one week the Ferrari be 2 seconds behind and the next over 30? it was a miserable, race for Ferrari fans where left sad, heartbroken, perplexed, and very worried, Fabio tries his best to explain why this happen, but even he was surprised by how far the Ferrari's where, Vito was angry as usual, but more then expected,


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