Paul Zenon, The next Doctor who?

December 2, 2016

World famous magician Paul Zenon speaks with Vito of T.W.C.C.P. They talk about the many shows Mister Zenon has done, From his TV magic specials, to his talks on people who claim to have paranormal powers, like psychics. Its a wonderful and open talk. And will Paul be the next Doctor who? Who Knows maybe!


T.O.W. Champion Eric Mastrocola

December 1, 2016

Current T.O.W. ( Top of the World) world heavy weight Champion Eric Mastrocola talks with Vito D'Amico of T.W.C.C.P. He was trained by Jacques Rougeau . And had the chance to wrestled on Sunday night heat for the WWE He trained Kevin Owens the current WWE universal champion and he s good friends with him. Vito and Eric talk about the Brock vs Goldberg, The Montreal screw Job, and how wrestling has Evolved.


Formula One 2016 year end review.

November 28, 2016

Vito of T.W.C.C.P with his UK guest host Rumpus talk about the F1 season review. Its ups, its many downs, Hamilton behavior, Nico's first championship win, The future of F1, is it on trouble? and so much more,



Eve Sixxx the sexy one!

November 27, 2016

The stunningly beautiful Miss Eve Sixxx has a fun and entertaining conversions with Vito of T.W.C.C.P. They talk about how she started, Being a Cam Model, a Mother, a little Phone sex, Road Rage! Have a listen!


Why does F1 suck so much?

November 24, 2016

Vito of T.W.C.C.P has a great talk with Rumpus about the state of F1. Why is it so bad? What can we do to fix it? if you have any good idea's please let us know,


The History of the world! so far…

November 24, 2016

Vito T.W.C.C.P speaks to Rumbus form the UK, they where going to talk about F1 racing, but they end up talking about, world war 2, Russia, Putin, The news, and of course Donald Trump, Fun stuff! We will talk about how sad F1 has become, it will be on the next podcast for sure.


Orion Starr the Fighting Porn star.

November 17, 2016

Orion Starr talks to Vito D'Amico of T.W.C.C.P. Starr is the only fighter who is also a porn star, wow! She talks to Vito how she started and what are her goals, Its a fun interview and we learn a lot about this one day soon to be world champion


Spencer Rice! Kenny vs Spenny

November 16, 2016

Spencer Rice speaks to Vito of T.W.C.C.P. Spenny has a bit of a cold but powers through, They talk about comedy today, Politics, ( Trump is the president! ) and much more. Vito is a big fan of Spencer's work. Spenny is a Director, Producer, Musician, comedian, screenwriter, and he is 6 3!


Making Movie Magic! Master Prop Builder Brad Scott

November 14, 2016

Brad Scott talks to Vito of T.W.C.C.P. Bard has worked of some of the biggest movies ever made. Lord of the Rings Trilogy, King Kong, Avatar, just to name a few, and so many slasher films. His meetings with James Cameron, Peter Jackson, He also works on a very popular show " Naked Zombies Radio" he shares some wonderful stories, The has so much Passion in what he does. So get some popcorn and get comfy and join us.


He won? & the Three Stooges & Marx Brothers,

November 13, 2016

Mathew Steele & Vito of T.W.C.C.P speak about how Trump won. this is part 1, they where going to do a show about the 3 Stooges and the Marx Brothers, but they had to talk about the surprising Trump victory, Part 2 will be about the Max's bro and the Stooges. Vito speaks with Mathew Steele about their love of the old comedy teams of the past, Marx's Brothers, The Three Stooges. Who was better? They reminisce of the golden age of comedy films, also are the kids of today missing out? Who was your favorites?